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Last updated 06/2024
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It's also known as the Executive M.Tech or the Part-Time M.Tech. The M.Tech for Working Professionals is a graduate engineering programme designed for people who already have jobs but want to improve their technical skills and knowledge without quitting. This programme lets working adults go to college to get more education in engineering or technology. This can help them move up in their careers, improve their skills, or take on a more highly demanding job in their current business or in a different one.

Some important parts of M.Tech for Working Professionals are:

1. Flexible: The programme is set up to work with the work plans of people who have jobs. To keep classes from getting in the way of people's normal work hours, they are usually given in the evenings, on the weekends, or during long blocks of teaching.

2. Duration: A full-time M.Tech programme usually lasts two years, but for working professionals, the time frame may be shortened to allow for part-time study, usually lasting three to four years.

3. To get in, you generally need a relevant bachelor's degree (like a B.Tech. or B.E.) with a certain minimum GPA or number, work experience in a relevant field (the length of time you need to work in that field can change from school to school), and sometimes scores from graduate entrance tests. In some cases, employers may also need to fund or support the programme.

4. Coursework: The coursework is meant to be useful and important to the business world, with a focus on advanced technical skills, management, and new technologies. Professionals may also be able to connect project work to their jobs.

5. Networking Opportunities: People who sign up for this kind of programme can meet peers from different fields, which can help them share information and make connections that can help them move up in their careers.

6. Online and Distance Learning Options: As technology in schools has improved, many schools now offer these programmes through online or distance learning, making them easier for working people in different places to access.

M.Tech for Working Professionals is a great chance for people who want to improve their technical skills while still doing their jobs. Universities and schools with open learning choices that can meet the needs of working people are among the institutions that offer these programmes.

Why M.Tech for Working Professionals?

A postgraduate engineering degree known as M.Tech WILP, or M.Tech for working professionals, is available part-time to students and working professionals who would want to pursue higher education but are unable to do so because of work-related constraints. Students who complete this AICTE-approved course will get in-depth instruction in a variety of engineering-related fields. The M.Tech covers the same topics as the B.Tech, but at a deeper and more sophisticated level.

For students who are interested in engineering and want to further their studies in the discipline without sacrificing their professions, M.Tech for Working Professionals is a useful choice. The M.Tech programme, designed for working professionals, is a valuable tool for advancing an engineer's career. It not only grants a higher certification but also facilitates continuous work experience acquisition for students. An M.Tech degree for seasoned professionals will enable a working engineer to advance in their career, either by obtaining a larger compensation package and a promotion within their existing organisation or by switching to more lucrative alternatives.

Key Highlights of M.Tech for Working Professionals

  • AICTE has authorised a part-time engineering programme called M.Tech WILP (Work-Integrated Learning Programme) or M.Tech for Working Professionals.
  • Applications for an M.Tech WILP are accepted from students with B.Tech degrees.
  • The course can be easily completed by a working professional in addition to their professional obligations thanks to the program's design.
  • Weekend and vacation courses and practical sessions are required to finish this degree. There are other resources available, such student-only practical sessions and remote labs.
  • Certain colleges provide their students access to an LMS where they may review the lectures from previous sessions and use additional resources like quizzes and self-assessment.
  • In compliance with AICTE guidelines, this course will run for two to three years.
  • Professionals looking to advance in their engineering careers will find this course beneficial.
  • Additionally, this course provides access for individuals wishing to pursue doctorate degrees, such as a Ph.D.

M.Tech for Working Professionals Course Syllabus

Semester I Semester II
Advanced Computer Networks & Simulation Data Mining & Warehousing
Advanced Computer Networks & Simulation - Lab Data Mining & Warehousing - Lab
Research Methodology Numerical Analysis
Semester III Semester IV
Digital Image Processing Bioinformatics
Software Metrics and Quality Engineering Advanced-Data Structure & Algorithms
Distributed Databases Agile Software Developmeent Lab
Parallel Computing & Architecture Agile Software Development Approaches
Information Security and Risk Management Distributed Computing Systems
Pattern Recognition and Analysis Wireless Data Networks Lab
Artificial Intelligence Bioinformatics Lab
- Wireless Data Networks
- Distributed Computing Systems
Semester V Semester VI
Software Project Management Machine Learning
Grid Computing Natural Language Processing
Network Intrusion Detection Unified Software Configuration Management
Medical Image Analysis & Visualization Cloud Computing
Evolytionary Methods Network Security


Top Specialization in M.Tech for Working Professionals

M.Tech in IT M.Tech in Civil Highway
M.Tech in Electronics VLSI M.Tech in Civil Construction
M.Tech in Electrical Power System M.Tech in Civil Engineering
M.Tech in Electronics and Communication M.Tech in Mechanical Production
M.Tech in Electrical Power Electronics M.Tech in Electrical Control System
M.Tech in Environmental Engineering M.Tech in Mechanical Production
M.Tech in Mechanical Design M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
M.Tech in Civil Structural M.Tech in Computer Science


Other Information about M.Tech for Working Professionals

Who Is This Program For?

  • B.Tech graduates are looking for higher studies as an option.
  • Working Professionals who want to continue higher education.
  • Engineers are looking for a degree to boost their professional careers.
  • M.Sc and MCA pass out to students looking to get a Technical master's degree.

M.Tech for Working Professionals Eligibility

Depending on the institution, different requirements apply for M.Tech part-time or M.Tech for working professionals programmes. Entrance to the M.Tech programme requires a B.Tech or B.E. from an accredited institution. Furthermore, one to three years of engineering-related job experience is preferred for the applicant. For this degree, the majority of Indian universities only accept working people with an engineering background.

Duration of M.Tech For Working Professionals

For working professionals, an M.Tech programme lasts two to 2.5 years. The curriculum is broken up into four to five semesters, each lasting six months. Because AICTE has ordered that an additional semester be added to the M.Tech degree whether it is a part-time engineering course or a WILP study, certain institutions offer 2.5-year M.Tech programmes.

M.Tech for Working Professionals Admission Procedure

  • For information about WILP courses, visit the university's official website or online application centre.
  • Make sure you have the special login information, then log in to complete the application.
  • Proceed to the next stage by completing the application form completely and attaching the required digital copies of the required papers.
  • Next, complete the application and send it in.
  • The application form may be downloaded and printed for future use.
  • You will get confirmation of your acceptance status as soon as the institution has reviewed your application.

Job Opportunities For M.Tech for Working Professionals

  • Higher jobs in the sector are granted to students who complete the M.Tech working professionals degree.
  • roles in a number of prestigious private organisations, including executive engineer, researcher, project manager, head of department of maintenance, head of R&D, etc.
  • One may work as a professor at prestigious engineering universities after earning an M.Tech.
  • For M.Tech graduates, there are various career profiles accessible such as consultants and research scientists.

Top Recruiters for M.Tech for Working Professionals

Infosys Tata
Reliance Industries Ltd. IBM
Larsen & Toubro Aditya Birla Group



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