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Last updated 06/2024
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In the field of law, an Online LLM (Master of Laws) course is an advanced degree programme that can be done over the internet. Online LLM courses are more flexible and easy to get to than standard in-person LLM programmes. They let lawyers, law graduates, and other people interested in advanced legal studies get their degree without having to go to a university.

Most of the time, these classes teach specific types of law, like human rights law, intellectual property law, business law, tax law, foreign law, and so on. Online classes often have a mix of live lessons, pre-recorded video sessions, engaging chats, and digital tools. This lets students study at their own pace while still managing other obligations.

People who want to specialise in a certain area of law, become a legal academic, or improve their legal knowledge without moving or quitting their present jobs are especially interested in online LLM programmes. Most of the time, you need a first degree in law (like an LLB) or a similar qualification to get in, along with passing other standards set by the school.

There are online LLM programmes at law schools and universities all over the world. Many of these programmes offer the same level of academic challenge and award acceptance as their on-campus peers.

Key Highlights of Online LLM Courses

  • You can juggle work and personal responsibilities with online LL.M. programmes that let you study quickly and easily.
  • Students from all over the world can now go to top law schools without being limited by where they live.
  • People who go to online LL.M. programmes can focus on a lot of different areas of law, so they can tailor their studies to things like environmental law, intellectual property law, or foreign law.
  • A lot of online LLM programmes have engaging parts like discussion boards, virtual classes, and live meetings to get students and teachers to work together and talk to each other.
  • Online LL.M programmes are taught by experienced lawyers and academics, so students are sure to get a good education and learn useful skills in their chosen field.
  • Students getting their LL.M. online can use huge digital libraries, research databases, and other online tools to continue their studies and stay up to date on the latest legal trends.
  • If you don't have to pay for moving, transportation, or college expenses, an online LL.M. may be cheaper than an on-campus programme. Besides that, students can often get financial aid and grants.
  • The chances of getting a job are better if you get an online LLM degree because it opens up growing opportunities in legal practice, education, research, and other specialised areas of the legal field.
  • There are many benefits to getting an online LL.M. These include learning how to use legal technology and online platforms, which are becoming more and more important in today's digitalized legal world, and being able to stay engaged and supported throughout your legal career with tools like alumni networks and professional development opportunities.

Online LLM Courses Course Syllabus

The main topics taught in an online LL.M. programme may be different depending on the syllabus and specialisation of the programme. However, these are some common core subjects that are often taught in online LLM programmes:

Administrative Law Contracts and Commercial Law
Criminal Law and Procedure Corporate Law
International Law Intellectual law
Environamental Law Legal Research and Writing
Comparative Law Constitutional Law


Online LLM Courses Eligibility

Online LL.M. programmes may have different requirements for who can apply, depending on the school and programme. For example, here are some common necessary criteria:

  • An LLB (Bachelor of Laws) or JD (Juris Doctor) is required as a previous law degree from an approved university.
  • Some online LL.M. programmes, especially those that are geared towards workers with real-world experience, may ask applicants to have recent work experience in the legal field.
  • Candidates whose first language is not English usually have to show that they can speak and understand English using standardised tests like the TOEFL or IELTS because many online LLM programmes are offered in English.
  • Applicants may be asked to attach letters of recommendation from teachers, bosses, or other professionals who can attest to their academic skills, work experience, and likelihood of success in the programme.
  • Potential candidates usually have to write an essay explaining why they want to get an online LL.M., what their career goals are, and how the programme fits with those goals.
  • A current CV or resume may be asked for, including information about schooling, work background, academic achievements, and any writings or professional interests that are applicable.


Duration of the Online LL.M Program

More and more people are taking online law classes because they let students specialise and study from home, even from foreign schools. As for how long it takes to finish the Online LLM study, most people take a year. But if they can't get it done in a year, it can be put off for up to three years.

Online LLM Courses Admission Procedure

The steps below are usually part of the process for getting into online LLM programmes:

  • Do some study and choose online LL.M. programmes that are a good fit for your career and academic goals.
  • The university that offers the online LL.M. programme has a web entry form that you need to fill out. Make sure that all of the necessary forms are filled out correctly and fully. Then, send in your application before the due date.
  • Ask that official copies of your previous law degree and any other academic qualifications that the university needs be sent straight to them. Also, include any other information you have, like the results of an English test, letters of reference, and a personal statement.
  • Fees for applying must be paid.
  • The selection group will decide if you are accepted after looking over your application.
  • If you get an offer of entry, you must accept it before the deadline and pay any fees or deposits needed to secure your spot in the programme
  • .After you sign up, you'll get information and directions on how to register for classes, attend introduction, and do anything else that needs to be done to get ready for the programme to start.

It is very important to remember that the admissions process for universities and online LL.M. programmes is not the same. Because of this, it is very important to fully understand the school's admissions standards and directions for the programme you want to apply to.

Job Opportunities For Online LLM Courses

A lawyer with an online LL.M. degree can do a lot of different jobs. If you have an LL.M., here are some job choices for you:

Non-Profit and Advocacy Organizations Legal Practice
Governance and Public Sector Academia and Research
Arbitration and Mediation In-house Counsel
International Organizations Legal Consulting and Advisory Services



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