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Last updated 06/2024
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Part-time Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) programmes are first-year engineering classes for people who can't commit to going to school full-time. People who already have jobs or other responsibilities can use these programmes to get an engineering degree without having to quit or give up their other obligations. The course work and degree given in a part-time B.Tech. are usually the same as those in a full-time B.Tech., but the programme lasts longer and lessons are usually held in the evenings, on the weekends, or online to fit the students' plans.

Some important things to know about part-time B.Tech programmes are:

1. Length: A full-time B.Tech programme usually lasts four years. Part-time programmes, on the other hand, may last longer, usually five to six years, because students take fewer classes each term.

2. Flexibility: The class times for these programmes are open, and most of the time, classes are held in the evenings, on the weekends, or online. This gives students the freedom to balance their studies with other obligations, like work or personal ones.

3. Guidelines for Admission: Different schools may have different standards for part-time B.Tech programmes, but in general, you need a high school graduation (10+2) or an equal with a focus on science and math to get in. For some programmes, you may also need work experience in an area that is connected.

4. Coursework: The coursework is meant to cover the same basic engineering topics as a full-time programme, with both theory and hands-on work. The speed of study is slowed down to fit the part-time plan, though.

5. Acknowledgement and job prospects: Part-time B.Tech degrees are recognised by companies and are meant to improve the academic credentials and technical skills of pros who are already working, which could lead to chances for job growth.

Part-time B.Tech programmes often have specific requirements for who can apply and how they handle admissions, so it's best to get the most accurate and up-to-date information from the school itself.


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