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The roots of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) can be traced back to the visionary efforts of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a prominent Muslim reformer and statesman during the aftermath of the Indian War of Independence in 1857. Recognizing the significance of education for Muslims in India, Sir Syed, with the assistance of Raja Jai Kishan, laid the groundwork for the university. The British decision to replace Persian with English in government employment and legal proceedings in 1842 created concerns among Muslims. Sir Syed, understanding the importance of English proficiency and Western education, initiated the establishment of schools in Moradabad (1858) and Ghazipur (1863). In 1864, he founded the Scientific Society in Aligarh, aiming to translate Western works into Indian languages and prepare the community for Western education. Sir Syed's commitment to improving the social conditions of Indian Muslims led to the publication of the periodical 'Tehzibul Akhlaq' in 1870.


On January 7, 1877, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan established the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College in Aligarh, drawing inspiration from his visits to Oxford and Cambridge universities in England. His vision was to create a college aligned with the British education system while preserving Islamic values. Following his return from England in 1872, Sir Syed's son, Syed Mahmood, who had also studied at Cambridge, presented a proposal for an independent university to the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College Fund Committee. This proposal was accepted and underwent subsequent modifications. Both father and son, Sir Syed and Syed Mahmood, collaborated in the foundation of the college.


It was one of the first purely residential educational institutions set up either by the government or the public in India. Over the years it gave rise to a new educated class of Indian Muslims who were active in the political system of the British Raj. When viceroy to India Lord Curzon visited the college in 1901, he praised the work which was carried on and called it of "sovereign importance".

It was also around this time that a movement began to have it develop into a university. To achieve this goal, expansions were made and more academic programs added to the curriculum of the college. A school for girls was established in 1907. By 1920 the college was transformed into the Aligarh Muslim University. 

Sir Syed breathed his last on March 27, 1898 and was buried in the premises of the university mosque in the Sir Syed Hall, AMU. 



The University aspires to become a preeminent and dynamic institution of excellence in teaching, research, and innovation. Its overarching goal is to contribute significantly to the national objectives of fostering self-reliance, technological prowess, and modernity in India. Aligned with the principles of the New Education Policy, the University seeks to establish a cohesive and contemporary education system. The ultimate aim is to facilitate sustainable societal development and create a promising future for all stakeholders.



  • Establish the highest benchmarks of performance and lead by example.
  • Foster a collaborative academic environment for critical and creative thinking.
  • Incentivize an environment to attract and retain top talents.
  • Develop an ethical and committed cadre of employees.
  • Provide transformative, holistic, and value-based immersive learning experiences to students.
  • Contribute meaningfully to solving pressing societal problems and the well-being of the people.
  • Be a hub of original productive research and innovative thinking.
  • Gain recognition for quality research.
  • Become the largest provider of quality education in India.
  • Cater to industry needs and competitive examinations through regular syllabi revisions.
  • Be known for the diversity of teachers and students, from across the globe.
  • Produce top leaders, scholars, and international-level sports persons.
  • Transform into a university of global standards contributing significantly to nation-building.
  • Become the first complete green university in the country.
  • Foster interfaith understanding among all religions worldwide through the Dara Shikoh Centre for Interfaith Understanding & Dialogue.

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Aligarh Muslim University Online
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Students graduate with aUGC-entitles degree that is accepted around the worls.

  • Recognized and accredited degree
  • NAAC and AICTE approved degree
  • Equivalent to the regular degree


Aligarh Muslim University Online Online Admission Process

The admission process for online programs of Aligarh Muslim University takes place in online mode. New admissions take place in January and July every year. The admission process is direct and no entrance exams are conducted.

The steps for the admission procedure for the online courses at Aligarh Muslim University are as follows:

  1. Step 1- Open the official website of Aligarh Muslim University online and start the admission process by clicking on "Apply Now".
  2. Step 2- Fill in your basic details and select the program you want to apply for.
  3. Step 3- After selecting the course, fill in the relevant personal details and upload the necessary documents required by the university.
  4. Step 4-. After uploading documents, you will be directed to the payment page. Complete the payment process.
  5. Step 5- After the completion of the payment, the university reviews the application and authorizes the admission after the review.

Examination Pattern

The examinations for online courses of Aligarh Muslim University are conducted in online mode on the university's own Learning Management System (LMS), i.e., student and examination portal. The examinations are proctored remotely by the university personnel.

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